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The Virgin Queen


The Virgin Queen

I was marked at birth.

Chosen by fate, queen without choice.

The Goddess thinks I’m ready, but I’m not so sure.


I was born to be queen. Hidden from the world and trained to rule. Protected until I can offer myself to the Maiden Goddess and the consort she chooses for me. 

But when I’m called to the capital for my coronation, it’s not one stranger chosen for me, it’s five.

Enemies are circling outside my borders and within my court, and I can’t trust anyone—not even the men I’m destined to love. 

In order to wear my crown I must survive the intrigues of a corrupted court, and win the heart of a divided people.


Because without a Queen, the land will die, and I can only pray that I am not too late. 

Tropes: Chosen One, Damsel in distress, enemies to lovers (brief), prison

Content Warnings: Kidnapping, Torture (mental)

Maidenfall Ebook Cover copy.jpg


The story continues…

The crown I was born to wear is mine. Auva is at peace, and the queendom is healing. But shadows still haunt my steps.

Nightmares plague my sleep. Dreams of cold darkness and death, visions that have me waking, gasping, and reaching for safety my husbands are happy to provide. The Goddess too, answers my call for help.

But there’s more to the story of the Goddess than I ever knew. A secret. A reason she understands devastation, grief, and heartbreak.

Everything I thought I knew about the Goddess and my queendom was wrong. I can’t change the past, but I can affect the future. One more offering on a very different altar.

The gods are not finished with me yet…

Maidenfall is a 36,000 word novella continuing the story of THE VIRGIN QUEEN in the world of Astari. This novella is available for sale in paperback, but remains free with a sign-up for Devyn's newsletter!

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