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Dragons of Viria

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Beautiful Beast Discreet

Beautiful Beast

Standing in front of a dragon means dying by fire, but the heart knows there’s more than one way to burn.

Humans and dragons are at war, and I am a pawn in the battle.

Princess of a dying land, my life is not my own, and a marriage to a vicious, dragon-hunting prince will save my people from deadly famine or death by fire.

But before I can vow my life to a monster, dragons drop screaming from the sky with a single aim. End the alliance.

Kill me. I welcome the flames, relieved to burn instead of rot.

But the flames never come.

One look in the dragons' eyes, and they carry me away. Three dragons whose gaze burns with hunger and fills me with fire.

They're not what we were taught, and every passing day I learn more of the truth. Dragons are not the enemy we thought they were.

Still, one question remains: for centuries no one has stood before a dragon and survived. If these dragons were sent to kill me, why am I still alive?

Content Warnings: Self-sterilization, discussion of sexual assault (potential), death outside of the harem, kidnapping, violence

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