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Clarity Coast Omegaverse

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What do you do when your sister’s getting married and your ex is the best man? 


Being dumped sucks. Being dumped after four years and getting kicked out of the house? That sucks more.


Sadly, I can’t avoid him forever. Not when he’s the best man in my sister’s wedding. But like hell am I facing him alone. 

So how can a painfully single Omega get out of this mess? Not a clue, but I’ll tell you what not to do. Ready? 


Don’t hire a pack of male escorts to take you to the wedding. If you do, you can’t sleep with them. No matter how incredible they smell or how well they treat you. 


Definitely don’t let them take care of you, and don’t let them show you pleasure you’ve never had before. 


And you absolutely cannot, under any circumstances, fall in love with them. They’re not yours.


Because when everything is said and done, this is just pretend… right?

Content Warnings: Emotional negligence (domestic, from ex), mistreatment (by ex), somnophilia, primal/CNC, erotic asphyxiation, recreational drug use (cannabis)

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