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The Carnal Court


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I was on the brink of death and they saved me.

Strangers I'm desperately drawn to.

Now their carnal magic is helping me survive.


When I’m attacked and left for dead, the last I expect is to be rescued by the fae.

Now they’re the only thing keeping me alive.

Four men who’ve vowed to protect me. A priest in the ways of pleasure. The commanding warrior who makes my body sing. A stoic outcast with eyes of silver. And the human man I’ve loved from afar.

Their touch offers pleasure I’ve never dreamed of, and relief from the curse that’s slowly killing me.

But I’m running out of time.


The rogue fae who attacked me is still hunting. Her only goal? My death. I’m falling in love with the men who saved me, but to be with them, I have to survive.

Tropes: Chosen one, damsel in distress, fated mates, friends to lovers, fish out of water

Content Warnings: Kidnapping, attempted murder, brief torture



I barely survived a curse, but my attacker still wants me dead. Now I must learn to wield my power before it is too late.


Kari Taylor barely survived the curse that was killing her. Damaged from the attacks on her life, she’s recovering in the Fae realm, her five protectors by her side. Her lovers. Her mates. This new life is something she never dreamed was possible. 


But danger stalks her still. The Fae who cursed Kari still wants her magic, and will not stop until she gets it. As the invisible threat grows closer, Kari must learn to trust herself and her companions. The clock is ticking, and they all must act quickly to survive.


Now gifted with a power that she doesn’t understand and cannot control, Kari is thrust into an unfamiliar world. Kari must learn to wield new, potent magic to protect herself and those she loves, before it is too late. 

Tropes: Chosen one, enemies to lovers, fated mates, friends to lovers, fish out of water

Shameless USAT.jpg



I contain the power of a goddess, but will it be enough to protect those I love?

I am being haunted. After choosing to remain in Faery, I’m finally settling into life with my mates. The connection to these men is deeper than I ever imagined, and each day I fall deeper in love. But dreams of the mate beyond my reach torture me. They pull me into a world of impossible pleasure, and each time I wake, my desperation to save him grows. 

Even hidden behind walls of pure magic, I’m not safe from the enemies who still hunt me. The Goddess’s power  is both a gift and a curse. I can protect those I love, but the power alone draws the attention of those who want it for themselves, and will do anything to get it.

Now someone has been taken by that same enemy. Someone I am not willing to lose. Darkness is stirring in the heart of Faery, and my mates and I are being drawn toward its center. In order to move forward, I must face the impossible: sacrifice the goddess’s gift or lose someone I love.

Tropes: Chosen one, enemies to lovers, fated mates, friends to lovers, fish out of water

Content Warnings: Kidnapping (secondary character)

Breathless Cover USAT.jpg


The fate of faery is in my hands, if it doesn't kill me first.

I barely managed to save my best friend from a brutal death at the hands of my enemies. We escaped unharmed, but we were not unscathed. My captive mate is still bound to my tormentor, and the fate of all Faery rests on my shoulders.

But now the past has come back to haunt me. My human lover has been accused of crimes against the fae, and those charging him are hell-bent on making him suffer. The fae have long memories, even longer grudges, and remorse matters little to them. Especially when it’s only the life of one fragile, insignificant human. Revenge will do just fine.


Danger is closing in from every direction, and there is only one choice: petition the goddess of Faery to save Kent’s life, even if he might die in the process. With the heart of Faery crumbling and my lover’s life hanging in the balance, I must decide whether to gamble on faith, or face the darkness that’s determined to take my life.

Tropes: Chosen one, enemies to lovers, fated mates, friends to lovers, fish out of water, jailed lover

Content Warnings: Torture, violence


Abandon Cover.jpg



The darkness that has haunted my steps finally found me. Now I have to survive it.

I surrendered everything to save the men I love. But what I thought was the Goddess’s will is far from it. Now I’m trapped, cut off from my mates and unable to use magic without risking my life. My only chance is to hold on until they find me, or until I can find a way out.


My captive mate is here and just out of reach, under the spell of the woman who wants me dead. One second he knows I’m his mate, and the next he’s gone, obeying her orders to torment me. No matter what she says, he is mine—as bound to my soul as the rest of my lovers.


If I can break the connection between them, we can both finally be free. But the longer I’m a prisoner, the weaker I become. Ariana is the strongest she’s ever been, and she won’t stop until she destroys the Goddess for good. The fate of this world still rests with me, and I’m running out of time.

Tropes: Chosen one, enemies to lovers, fated mates, friends to lovers, fish out of water

Content Warnings: Torture, violence




In the fight for eternity, only one side can survive.

Now back in the arms of my six fae mates, I’m safe. I’m loved. But as much as I want our ordeal to be over, it’s not.

Our enemy has locked herself in the heart of the world, intent on destroying it. We’ve been through hell—things my mates and I will never forget, and barely survived. Still, the Goddess asks for more. The only way to save this world is to venture into a place no soul is meant to see, and face the darkest of our fears.

This might be my fate, but I’m still risking everything. There are no more choices left to make. We fight, or we die. And with all of eternity on the line, we can’t afford to lose.


Tropes: Chosen one, fated mates, friends to lovers, fish out of water, 

Content Warnings: Violence, death


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