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Slate City Omegaverse

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Knot Your Damn Omega

She's famous, beautiful, and the one Omega whose name everyone knows. She's my twin sister. Everyone wants her, and no one wants me. 

Being the twin of a movie star isn't all it's cracked up to be. Eva is glamorous and sweet, and everything I'm not. Believe me, every person in my life has made that crystal clear. The press calls me the Ice Queen, leaving pack after pack broken in my wake.

I wish it were true.

All I've ever wanted was a pack—to be loved and cherished the way an Omega was meant to be—but now I've given up hope. Every group I meet wants a copy of my sister. Let's not even mention the ones who called me by her name.

That was before I ran into an Alpha whose scent made me climb him like a tree. And his pack, who smells like heaven, makes me perfume, and claims they want to make me theirs. I want to believe love like this exists, yet the past has taught me it's too good to be true. 

I want to be able to tell the world I'm taken. To scream I'm knot your damn Omega...I'm theirs. But first, I have to believe it myself. 

Content Warnings: PTSD, portrayals of grief, primal play/CNC, spanking (erotic context), BDSM (Power exchange), restraints, pet names, death of a family member (in the past), parental trauma

Content Warnings: PTSD, portrayals of grief, consensual non-consent, primal play, light BDSM, spanking, pet names


Knot All That Glitters

All she ever wanted was a quiet life doing what she loved. Her family had other plans.

Being the Omega daughter of Slate City’s favorite politician is exhausting. Everyone in our family is perfect. Good jobs, good images, no scandals, and smiling at all times. That’s not me, and it never will be.

No matter how hard I try.

All I’ve ever wanted was a simpler life—to choose what I want to do, have a pack who loves me, and be happy—but that’s not an option. My entire life is already planned out for me. Every step carefully curated to make sure my family stays at the top, in the spotlight, and in power. Of course, I will be their dutiful Omega daughter.

That was before I got trapped in a closet with an Alpha whose scent made me want to misbehave. And before I found out that he’s my new bodyguard. His pack smells like paradise, drowns me with passion, and doesn’t care about my family’s plans. They only want me.

From the outside my life seems perfect, but I know better than anyone that knot all that glitters is gold. I want to break out of the cage I’m in, and I want these men to help me do it. But when you’re on a pedestal to the entire world… there’s a very long way to fall.

Content Warnings: Discussion of drug use, attempted forced drug use, kidnapping, threats and stalking, death of a family member (in the past), gaslighting (From outside the harem), parental trauma

KFAM Cover.jpg

Knot Your Damn Omega

Five years ago I found my mate… and he has no idea.

I’ve spent my entire life doing two things: training to be a ballet dancer, and longing for a scent-match. My feet bled for one, and my heart bled for the other.

Then my first heat hit, and my deepest dream became my darkest secret.

I scent-matched with my best friend, and ran.

It’s been five years since I last saw him—happily in someone else’s arms—and I couldn’t bear to break his heart.

But that was before. Before he joined my dance company, anger and grief in his eyes. Before I matched with the rest of his pack, whose scents drive me to the best kind of madness. Before I begged for forgiveness, even if I can never forgive myself.

The more time I spend with them, the more I see the future I always wanted. A love that sweeps me away, keeps me safe, and never lets me go.

Every day, I fall deeper, and as I do, the more they see the truth: No matter how long it’s been, I never gave up on that dream. Knot for a moment.

Content Warnings: Portrayals of grief, spanking (erotic context), pet names, gaslighting (from outside the harem), stalking, emotional abuse, death (outside of the harem), somnophilia, vehicular accident, references to past abuse

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