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I went to them to save my life, but they won’t stop until they own my soul.


I’ve lived in No Man’s Land my entire life. Whether it’s belladonna dust to keep warlocks from hexing your car or ash wood bracelets to hold back the fae, you get used to the loopholes of being a human in a supernatural minefield. But suddenly being collateral for the world’s biggest shipment of stolen fairy coke? Not on my bucket list. 


And if this shipment isn’t found? Kicking the bucket is the least of my problems. 


Caught in between two rival MCs, I’m forced to take sides for the first time in my life. But if I’m honest, it was never a choice. The Iron Shadows—a band of brutal fae who rule the South Side with a fist as hard as the iron they can’t touch—have always wanted me. 


I feel their eyes on me every time I step on stage, and I would be a liar if I say I didn’t love it. But peace was always more important. Until now. 


These men show me a world I never knew. Power, pleasure, and maybe even love. They’re as addicting as the drugs I was traded for, and have vowed to keep me alive. I believe them. But there’s a catch: once you belong to the Shadows, you never come back. 

Tropes: Fated mates, secret identity, motorcycle club, touch her and die (literally)

Content Warnings: Graphic descriptions of violence including gun and physical violence, CNC (Consensual non-consent), Somnophilia (sexual encounters while sleeping or unconscious), voluntary drug use (sleeping drugs), consensual sadism, dacryphilia (arousal from crying), bondage including cages and ropes, primal chase/play, violence against women (outside the harem), death, murder

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