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Seducing Selena


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Seducing Selena

The Syndicate took me and put me in chains, but I’m the one who’s choosing to stay.


Waking up in a cage wasn’t on my to-do list this week, but here I am. Naked, nothing but a phone and a mysterious message from The Underground Omega Syndicate, blackmailing me for a crime I didn’t commit. 


They want me to find the source of dangerous, artificial hormones that are killing Omegas. The first problem? I have no idea what they’re talking about. The second? I’m pulled out of the cage and paraded in front of men who are buying Omegas. And not in the fun, ‘win a date for charity’ way. 


Three Alphas save me from being sold. They say I belong to them. They train me to serve their every desire. They drag me into darkness and give me everything. Power, pleasure, pain, and fear. Submission and love I never knew I craved.


But no one can serve two masters forever. 


Omegas are still dying, and the UOS is impatient. They say my Alphas are the ones to blame and offer a choice. Turn them in and earn my freedom, or save them and choose my death. There’s just one catch: I already know the Syndicate’s truth, and it’s all made up of lies.

Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Mistaken Identity, Secret Identity, Right Person Wrong Time, Kidnapped, Touch Her and Die

Content Warnings: Kidnapping, sexual trafficking, sexual slavery, dubious consent (long term and situational), BDSM, bondage, somnophilia, pussy spanking, blackmail, punishments, cum consumption, orgasm denial

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