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USA Today and Amazon top 50 bestselling author Devyn Sinclair writes steamy Reverse Harem romances for your wildest fantasies. Every sexy story is packed with the right amount of steam, hot men, and delicious happy endings. 


She lives in the wilds of Montana in a small red house with a crazy orange cat. When Devyn's not writing, she spends time outside in big sky country, continues her quest to find the best lemon pastry there is, and buys too many books. (Of course!)


Facebook Reader Group: Devyn Sinclair's Court of Fantasy


Instagram: @Devyn_Sinclair




What can I expect from a Devyn Sinclair book?

There are a few things you can always expect from my books:
- High emotional stakes
- Broken characters finding their way back to themselves
- Some kind of kinky sex (or multiple kinds. or all the kinds)
- No pregnancy or children as central plot (no, not even in the epilogue)

In my fantasy books you can also expect intricate world building
that's underpinned by the mythology of the world.

Will you ever write more stories about [insert character] in the future?

Generally, no. I'll never say never, but when I set out to write a story about a character or a set of characters, I'm not planning on writing more of them in the future. The exceptions to the rule are the occasional bonus epilogue and when previous (or planned future) characters cross over in interconnected standalones.

You mentioned bonus epilogues. Will we ever see our characters in the future building a family?

No. I myself am childfree by choice. While I have nothing against children, and occasionally enjoy reading pregnancy plotlines, I have made the choice to keep my catalogue childfree.

Childfree people face a lot of stigma and judgement in society for a variety of reasons. 
Because of this, I choose to keep my books a safe place for anyone who doesn't want to read about pregnancy or children, no matter their reason. 

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