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Now complete: A fated mates, fallen angel, underworld assassin series.


Three angels. One assassin. She's fighting for her life, but they're fighting for her heart.


Ready to take her crown in the underworld, Arielle is given one final assignment: assassinate Heaven's high trinity of angels.

Do that? And she'll finally have everything she's ever wanted and worked for. Three archangels can’t be that hard to kill, right?


But these angels aren't anything like she thought. She's drawn to them as much as they're drawn to her, and now their touch has her questioning everything she thought she knew.


Hell is waiting, and Arielle has to make her choice. Take her throne and rule, or follow her heart and risk losing everything.


War of Heavenly Fire is a spicy reverse harem series for adult readers. This collection contains all three books in the series—Queen of Darkness, Queen of Torment, and Queen of Annihilation—as well as a bonus chapters for each book.

War of Heavenly Fire: The Complete Series

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