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I contain the power of a goddess, but will it be enough to protect those I love?
I am being haunted. After choosing to remain in Faery, I'm finally settling into life with my mates. The connection to these men is deeper than I ever imagined, and each day I fall deeper in love. But dreams of the mate beyond my reach torture me. They pull me into a world of impossible pleasure, and each time I wake, my desperation to save him grows. 
Even hidden behind walls of pure magic, I'm not safe from the enemies who still hunt me. The Goddess's power  is both a gift and a curse. I can protect those I love, but the power alone draws the attention of those who want it for themselves, and will do anything to get it.
Now someone has been taken by that same enemy. Someone I am not willing to lose. Darkness is stirring in the heart of Faery, and my mates and I are being drawn toward its center. In order to move forward, I must face the impossible: sacrifice the goddess's gift or lose someone I love.

Shameless (Carnal Court #3)

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