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I am going to die.


What was once my mates’ curse is now killing me.


But I will never give up on our eternity.


War is coming. Our enemies won’t stop until my mates and I are dead—our magic wiped from the face of the Otherworld. Extinction is the only thing they will accept.


I may be new to this world, but it’s mine now. No matter what, I won’t let it fall into their hands. The Alphas will pay for what they’ve done. To me. To my mates. To the wolves they were meant to protect.


This new curse is taking hold, stealing my life piece by piece. But that only makes me more dangerous. I will protect my lovers and my home, even with my last breath. I’m ready.


Let them come.


Let them try to kill me.


Let them watch the witch they tried to burn become a Queen.

Moon Exalted (Shifter's Curse #3)

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