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I am a prisoner.


Taken by monsters who crave my death.


If I want to see my mates again, I have to stay alive.

I was just settling into my new life with my mates when I was taken. Robbed of my magic, ripped from the men I’m beginning to love, and imprisoned by their mortal enemies.


They want to use me. For my power. For my blood and my bones. For my connection to the Alpha Kings they hate.


But more than anything, they want to see me die.


These Alphas are nothing like mine. They thrive on pain and feast on suffering. One wrong move, and they’ll decide that I’m not worth the trade they desire.


My mates will come for me, and I’ll fight like hell to get back to them. But it all might be too late. After all, to these enemies, the best thing a witch can do is burn.

Moon Entrapped (Shifter's Curse#2)

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