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*All books come signed. For personalization, please include your name in the specified box at checkout.*


Scratch and Dent books have flaws that I deemed to much to sold at regular retail price. there are various things from crunched corners to scratched covers. Each will be a little different. 


I am being hunted.

Trapped by the creatures I never believed were real.

Now I have to surrender if I want to survive.

I was just an artist trying to make it in New York City. I had no idea all the stories were true. Until I stumbled into a shop run by witches, my birthmark melted away, my eyes started to glow, and suddenly every werewolf in the city was trying to find me.

A werewolf rescues me from one nightmare and delivers me into another. Now I’m in a castle with three of the most gorgeous men I’ve ever seen. Both my captors and my saviors. They’re Alphas. Wolves. Kings. And cursed.

To break their curse? It sounds simple enough. Find the descendant of the witch who cursed them. Love her. Mate with her. Only the heiress to the last line of witches?

That’s me.

But my Alphas aren’t the only ones who want to claim me. The rival pack that attacked me will use anything to keep the curse alive, including my death. They won’t stop until I’m kidnapped or killed, so I need to decide whether to risk my life, or risk my heart.

Moon Enchanted (Shifter's Curse #1) [SCRATCH AND DENT]

$18.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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