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I was on the brink of death and they saved me.

Strangers I'm desperately drawn to.

Now their carnal magic is helping me survive.


When I’m attacked and left for dead, the last I expect is to be rescued by the fae.


Now they’re the only thing keeping me alive.


Four men who’ve vowed to protect me. A priest in the ways of pleasure. The commanding warrior who makes my body sing. A stoic outcast with eyes of silver. And the human man I’ve loved from afar.


Their touch offers pleasure I’ve never dreamed of, and relief from the curse that’s slowly killing me.


But I’m running out of time.


The rogue fae who attacked me is still hunting. Her only goal? My death. I’m falling in love with the men who saved me, but to be with them, I have to survive.

Fevered (Carnal Court #1)

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