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I am everything they feared.

Adored. Aflame. Alive.

I will do what I must to survive.


I tried to end the war and failed. Now Hell has a new Queen. One obsessed with ending my life and the lives of my lovers. Consumed by power and the need for my death, she will stop at nothing to extinguish the human realm and Heaven after it. 


My angels and I are on the run. An Infernal army has been summoned, and nowhere is safe to hide. But the fate of both humans and angels is in our hands. We unleashed Hell, and have no other choice but to destroy it.


I am the only one who can.


We have one last chance. 


In order to save Heaven and Earth, I must make myself the Queen of Annihilation. 


copy of Queen of Annihilation OIRIGNAL COVER (War of Heavenly Fire #3)

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