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*All books come signed. For personalization, please include your name in the specified box at checkout.*


Scratch and Dent books have flaws that I deemed to much to sold at regular retail price. there are various things from crunched corners to scratched covers. Each will be a little different. 



I am haunted by a madman. Only my power can make him a god, and he won’t stop until I belong to him once again.


And I will not stop until he is dead.


My lovers and I are finally beyond the Emperor’s reach, but the danger isn’t over. If we ever want to be free, the task that brought us together must be completed.


If it’s even possible to find a myth that may not exist.


But the Emperor is searching too, and every second he gets closer to his goal: Immortality. And I am the last thing he needs.


No matter how much I long for us to disappear and never return, one truth remains: I am the only true Inert alive.


My Inertia is infinite, and the only way to destroy the power which will make a madman a god. But in the battle to save our world, infinity still might not be enough.

Consumed (Inertia #3) [SCRATCH AND DENT]

$18.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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