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*All books come signed. For personalization, please include your name in the specified box at checkout.*


Scratch and Dent books have flaws that I deemed to much to sold at regular retail price. there are various things from crunched corners to scratched covers. Each will be a little different. 


The ruler of the world has stolen me. He wants me by his side as his possession, as his salvation, as his bride. He offers me everything.


I will offer only destruction.


The five men who love me are on the run—fleeing for their lives so they can save mine. Nothing will stop the Emperor from hunting them down, and nothing will stop my lovers from rescuing me.


If I can survive that long. Because in the court of a madman, nothing is real.


I am once again a slave, this time to the whims of a ruler who longs for immortality. He claims I’ll crave him once my lovers are dead, but I will never give in. My Inertia is true, but so is my heart, and it will never belong to him.


There’s one place in this world we might be safe and beyond the Emperor’s reach, but I already know he’ll never stop hunting. Because to a man who wants to be a god? I am the only prize.

Captured (Inertia #2) [SCRATCH AND DENT]

$18.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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