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The fate of faery is in my hands, if it doesn't kill me first.
I barely managed to save my best friend from a brutal death at the hands of my enemies. We escaped unharmed, but we were not unscathed. My captive mate is still bound to my tormentor, and the fate of all Faery rests on my shoulders.

But now the past has come back to haunt me. My human lover has been accused of crimes against the fae, and those charging him are hell-bent on making him suffer. The fae have long memories, even longer grudges, and remorse matters little to them. Especially when it's only the life of one fragile, insignificant human. Revenge will do just fine.

Danger is closing in from every direction, and there is only one choice: petition the goddess of Faery to save Kent's life, even if he might die in the process. With the heart of Faery crumbling and my lover's life hanging in the balance, I must decide whether to gamble on faith, or face the darkness that's determined to take my life.

Breathless (Carnal Court #4)

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