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The darkness that has haunted my steps finally found me. Now I have to survive it.


I surrendered everything to save the men I love. But what I thought was the Goddess’s will is far from it. Now I’m trapped, cut off from my mates and unable to use magic without risking my life. My only chance is to hold on until they find me, or until I can find a way out.


My captive mate is here and just out of reach, under the spell of the woman who wants me dead. One second he knows I’m his mate, and the next he’s gone, obeying her orders to torment me. No matter what she says, he is mine—as bound to my soul as the rest of my lovers.


If I can break the connection between them, we can both finally be free. But the longer I’m a prisoner, the weaker I become. Ariana is the strongest she’s ever been, and she won’t stop until she destroys the Goddess for good. The fate of this world still rests with me, and I’m running out of time.

Abandon (Carnal Court #5)

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