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Five years ago I found my mate… and he has no idea.

I’ve spent my entire life doing two things: training to be a ballet dancer, and longing for a scent-match. My feet bled for one, and my heart bled for the other.

Then my first heat hit, and my deepest dream became my darkest secret.

I scent-matched with my best friend, and ran.

It’s been five years since I last saw him—happily in someone else’s arms—and I couldn’t bear to break his heart.

But that was before. Before he joined my dance company, anger and grief in his eyes. Before I matched with the rest of his pack, whose scents drive me to the best kind of madness. Before I begged for forgiveness, even if I can never forgive myself.

The more time I spend with them, the more I see the future I always wanted. A love that sweeps me away, keeps me safe, and never lets me go.

Every day, I fall deeper, and as I do, the more they see the truth: No matter how long it’s been, I never gave up on that dream. Knot for a moment.

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