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Three billionaire Alphas. A marriage of convenience. What can possibly go wrong?


Being an Omega is incredible. Being a fat Omega no one wants? Not so much.

But I don’t need to be wanted, I only need to survive. There’s five years left until I get my trust fund, and I can put my toxic, abusive, fatphobic family in my rearview mirror.


That’s my plan, and I’m sticking to it—until three Alphas offer my family a deal.


Three Alphas who are ridiculously rich, scorchingly hot, and claim they need me. For one year.


The deal: Marry them for one year to help save their company, and I walk away with my trust and my freedom. Simple. Easy. I don’t even blink before I sign on the dotted line.


I thought it was just a marriage of convenience and nothing more. I didn’t count on my husbands caring about me. Protecting me. Craving me. Seducing Me. Making me feel things I never have before.


Now a year doesn’t feel like long enough. But that’s what we agreed. One year, and we all walk away.


All good things come to an end. I just hope I can keep my heart from breaking when it does.

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