The Point of No Return


point of no return ebook cover

The Point of No Return

Men like this don't exist. Gorgeous, dark, angry, seductive...stone doesn't come to life and leave me wanting more. It's impossible.


Until it isn't.


My name is Christine Daniels, and I am going mad.


It was supposed to be simple: one month, one opera, one chance to make my entire career. But now I'm going crazy.


I was only here to sing, but nothing in Paris is what it seems, and the old opera house feels very much alive. Voices echo through walls, gargoyles come to life, and I’m dragged into a whole new world that I never knew existed.


A world of monsters.


By day they whisper through stone, and by night they make me theirs. Fangs and wings and claws that leave me aching with need. Pleasure that claims me over and over until I only belong to them.


But monsters darker than mine are hunting me. In order to punish my mates, they’ve decided they want me. And because I’m not made of stone, I might not survive.

Tropes: Fated Mates, Damsel in Distress

Content Warnings: Death threats, kidnapping, consensual non-consent, blade/blood play (claws), choking/breath play (erotic context), dominance and BDSM (restraints)