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All the Devils are Here


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All the Devils are Here

I always wanted to love a monster… I just didn’t think I’d need to be stranded on an island to do it.


My name is Meghan Irela, and I’ve just been fired.

Not my proudest moment, but I’ll be all right. A trip to Paris is just what I need. Visit my friends, ignore my problems, and pretend I’m not completely alone. 

But I know the truth about the world: Magic is real, monsters exist, and nothing is ever simple. 

I got on the boat expecting to party. Not to get caught in a storm, nearly drown, and wake up stranded on an island that should exist. It’s made of magic, and home to monsters. 

Monsters who want me. 

This is impossible. I shouldn’t feel safe with men made of shadows and claws. Who have curling tentacles, stone fangs, and glowing eyes. They want to drown me, too—but only in pleasure. I’m addicted, in love, and out of control.

But the island’s magic is killing me, and I’m running out of time. Caught between magic and my mates, there’s only one way to survive. I shouldn’t want to be a monster… 

Yet for the first time, I finally feel alive.

Tropes: Fated Mates, Damsel in Distress

Content Warnings: Near death experiences (drowning), kidnapping, magical (non-sexual) assault, primal play, dominance and BDSM (being restrained)

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